January 2013, Virtua Snake

2013-02-03 18:37:14 by josh-tamugaia

Hi guys!

Just released the first game for February 2013, which is Virtua Snake, a snake game transformed into a multi-directional shooter with brutal bosses. Not many have beaten the game. Can you? You can play it here:

Virtua Snake

January 2013 was a historical month for me. It was the month when I released 4 games. That is equal to and more than the number of games that I released in the whole of some years! The games were:

Pinball Flash the Magik - A magical-themed pinball game
Oppa Caishen Style - A fun mini game involving Gangnam Style song done i Chinese New Year style, and the Chinese God of Wealth, CaiShen.
Mat Rempit : The Chase - A roadchase shooter
Josh Tam Mysteries G2 : Easter Island - A visual novel + adventure + puzzle game

Some games obtained moderate success on NG and some games didn't get much on Newgrounds but gained some popularity on Youtube (gameplay video) and Chinese Flash Portals, especially Oppa Caishen Style since the Lunar Chinese New Year is round the corner, which is February 10, 2013.

Thanks to Jess the Dragoon for the various assists throughout December and January. And also special thanks to the game players on Newgrounds!


Josh Tam

January 2013, Virtua Snake


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2013-02-04 05:45:24

Hey, that's kind of an interesting idea! :) With the shooter you need to dodge enemies, but now you also have to be careful where you go so you don't hit yourself. The two games actually mesh pretty well.

And now you've reminded me how much fun computer pinball games are! I think I might want to make one, haha!

josh-tamugaia responds:

Good luck with that!


2013-02-04 07:58:10

Cool game, couldn't get hit by my own body though?

josh-tamugaia responds:

Not really, it's actually not the classic Snake game. But maybe I'll try that in future and see how well the game will play out.