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josh-tamugaia's News

Posted by josh-tamugaia - February 21st, 2014

Hi guys.  I have finally come up with version 1.1 of Bubble Command!  In this game, you can actually control the bubbles and absorb small bubbles to grow bigger and give birth to new bubbles that can absorb small bubbles and grow bigger and give birth... and the cycle goes on.  Then when you have an army of bubbles, it is time to attack!

Play it:http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/634470

Screenshot - 6 bubble factions battling for supremacy:Bubble Command screenshot

Posted by josh-tamugaia - December 3rd, 2013

Final Slam 2 2nd Promo video is out!

The latest update is the addition of bloodstains. I added in lots of blood earlier. Beating your opponent up would make him/her bleed all over the arena. But the latest update I made is the bloodstains feature. Fighters can now have blood all over their heads, faces, arms and torso. When playing the game, I personally feel that this addition alone changed the game feel by almost 50%!

I have plans to release the game on Mac computers as well. However, I would need game testers for Mac. Please email me if interested. [ josh_tamugaia at yahoo dot com ] You will get to play the full game before release!

More info:

Final Slam 2 Official Page

Final Slam 2 on Indie DB

Final Slam 2 Facebook Page

Posted by josh-tamugaia - September 18th, 2013

Final Slam 2 development is underway. Behold the teaser:

/* */
Yes, I am accepting custom configs for the preset fighters in the game. However, I am not mass-promoting this. Unlike the first Final Slam. To get more info on the game and on the custom configs and to try the preview version, please go to the official Final Slam 2 page. To get updates on the game, please like the Final Slam 2 facebook page. You can email me your custom configs [ josh_tamugaia at yahoo dot com ] or PM me on Newgrounds or comment here. Email would be the fastest.

The direction of the game is currently to be decided. Release date is also to be decided.

If you would like to help out with the game, you are most welcome as well! Just PM me here or email me [ josh_tamugaia at yahoo dot com ].

Final Slam 2 News + Teaser

Posted by josh-tamugaia - March 2nd, 2013

Just wanna share something I recently found out from one of my various experiements.


Why? What brought to this? One day I created a game. I made it playable till the end. Not so easy but playable. Released it and from a lot of people, I got: "Enjoyable, fun but too easy.". (to sum up) Some said: "No challenge. I can do without upgrading my weapons." (but of course they didn't. snobby smarty-pants)

So, I decided to make hard games. 5 hard games. What happened? More people complained. Less people said the games were fun. Wait, I thought they wanted the games hard? And I thought they said they were smart? Apparently not? ....

I wrote the full article on my website: Game Developers, Do Not Make Hard Games

Posted by josh-tamugaia - February 3rd, 2013

Hi guys!

Just released the first game for February 2013, which is Virtua Snake, a snake game transformed into a multi-directional shooter with brutal bosses. Not many have beaten the game. Can you? You can play it here:

Virtua Snake

January 2013 was a historical month for me. It was the month when I released 4 games. That is equal to and more than the number of games that I released in the whole of some years! The games were:

Pinball Flash the Magik - A magical-themed pinball game
Oppa Caishen Style - A fun mini game involving Gangnam Style song done i Chinese New Year style, and the Chinese God of Wealth, CaiShen.
Mat Rempit : The Chase - A roadchase shooter
Josh Tam Mysteries G2 : Easter Island - A visual novel + adventure + puzzle game

Some games obtained moderate success on NG and some games didn't get much on Newgrounds but gained some popularity on Youtube (gameplay video) and Chinese Flash Portals, especially Oppa Caishen Style since the Lunar Chinese New Year is round the corner, which is February 10, 2013.

Thanks to Jess the Dragoon for the various assists throughout December and January. And also special thanks to the game players on Newgrounds!


Josh Tam

January 2013, Virtua Snake

Posted by josh-tamugaia - January 3rd, 2013

Pinball Flash - The Magik on Newgrounds has just been released. This is my way of starting the new year of 2013. 2012 was not the greatest but it was great nonetheless, with lots of happenings and events. I developed my own pinball flash engine. It isn't using Box2D and still has some flaws. But I am confident that I can improve it in future for later games. The official page for the game is here: Pinball Flash - The Magik Game

Special thanks to Jess the Dragoon for the artwork on the Main menu titlescreen and pause menu.

Starting 2013 with Pinball

Posted by josh-tamugaia - December 22nd, 2012

I tried to make a finish a game all in one day. Fell short several hours, so it took about 1 day 6 hours. Nevertheless, I finished it. My third 2012 XMas game: Present Eater!! Eat all the presents but don't touch the bombs!!

Eat the Presents!

Posted by josh-tamugaia - December 17th, 2012

It's that time of the year again: Christmas!! I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas this year. Around one more week to go... that is if the Earth does not explode on December 21, 2012. Some people maybe busy with preparations for the celebrations and holiday season. Some maybe feeling stressed. I have made a game to help relieve stress:

XMas Penguin Killer

Side note: I have planned 4 more Christmas games. I hope I am able to release them before Christmas. Some are not even started yet! It's just around a week to go, so it's an uphill battle. Anyways, once again... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Penguin game for Christmas 2012!!

Posted by josh-tamugaia - June 17th, 2012

Hi Everyone. This is Josh Tam from Tamugaia.com and it's been quite some time since my last post. Have been working on a new fighting game called Fist of Victory. Halfway done, and on the way! However, I ran into a problem. I ran out of funds. What I did was to set up an Indiegogo project to raise some more funds.

I would sincere like to request for help from you in making this game a success. If everything goes well, the game can be launched around early August, which is less than 2 months from now. So how can you help?

The first method is to by donating. Go to the Fist of Victory Indiegogo page and read the details and then if you would like to contribute, just click on the pink "Contribute Now" button. You won't get nothing though. Different contributions have different "Perks" such as being credited in the game, having your logo or website/blog URL in the game and so on...

The second method is by helping to share the Fist of Victory Indiegogo page. This way, you can help reach out to possible contributors. This is also a great help! You can do this by using the Sharing tools under the video on the page. You can LIKE it on Facebook, Tweet it, share the URL, and so on. If you do that, you would not get any perks but please comment on the Indiegogo project page or here or email me, so I can personally thank you!

So where is this Indiegogo page? It can be found here: Fist of Victory IndieGogo page
You will be able to view the game details and contribute by going there!

Last of all, here's the first promo video of the Fist of Victory game!

/* */
If you have any questions and ideas about the game, feel free to shoot!

Posted by josh-tamugaia - May 23rd, 2011

Hello Newgrounders!

In my previous post, I mentioned about a fighting game engine which is going to be the base for Final Slam 2, the sequel for Final Slam and other fight engines. However, because of University work, the progress got delayed... again. But so far, the progress is:
- 2-player combat completed
- zoom feature included
- combo system done
Next development stage would be the AI and sound.

The Turkey 3D game engine is also under planning but development has not started yet. It will be done using AS3 to exploit AS3's support for quick rendering of multiple particles. It will not use any 3D API's like Papervision or Sandy. OK, so let's call it 2.5D! Generally I prefer AS2 because most of my games and applications do not require the processing power of AS3 and basically I hate the flow of AS3. I am really not an OO person and I hate Java programming. But then AS3's power is undeniable and I found a solution. I created SAS3 (Simplifier for AS3) and I can use AS3 fast! To give you an example, I can call getURL using AS3 instead of creating URLloader or whatever object that I forgot... This means I can now create AS3 games/apps as fast as when I program with AS2!

OK, that aside. Avatarcoder is an application that I developed years back. You can create your unique cartoon avatars. Avatarcoder was used in some games like Virtua Breakout and Armor Games Avalanche. I finally ported Avatarcoder into a Facebook App and online app and added a new functionality: export to JPEG image! Now you can take your avatar JPEG file and use it anywhere you want. The advantage that Avatarcoder has over other avatar makers on the Internet, I believe, is the speed of creation. You know, with most avatar makers, the user would need to wait each time they load the options for the face parts. There is a small loading animation on each panel. So creating an avatar would take a very long time. but not with Avatarcoder. Avatarcoder is basically one whole flash file so the creation parts load instantly. You can even randomize certain parts to make things easier. You can use Avatarcoder Facebook App or use it at the Avatarcoder website.

Avatarcoder 1.8 Launched and other things