To Game Makers

2013-03-02 20:40:49 by josh-tamugaia

Just wanna share something I recently found out from one of my various experiements.


Why? What brought to this? One day I created a game. I made it playable till the end. Not so easy but playable. Released it and from a lot of people, I got: "Enjoyable, fun but too easy.". (to sum up) Some said: "No challenge. I can do without upgrading my weapons." (but of course they didn't. snobby smarty-pants)

So, I decided to make hard games. 5 hard games. What happened? More people complained. Less people said the games were fun. Wait, I thought they wanted the games hard? And I thought they said they were smart? Apparently not? ....

I wrote the full article on my website: Game Developers, Do Not Make Hard Games


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2013-03-03 23:45:53

So how exactly do you beat the 5th level, the staircase puzzle? I beginning to think that the other players claiming they got to level 19 or whatever are just lying to look macho to the world. Or is this bewitched level really solvable?

josh-tamugaia responds:

Cut the block in 2 equal halves horizontally. Then place both blocks together horizontally and cut them both horizontally. And then you get 4!! Only with 2 cuts.


2013-04-30 19:48:52

Hey how's progress on Final Slam 2?

josh-tamugaia responds:

Playable but development is halted. Currently having insufficient resources to continue. Creation mode is fully complete. But content needs expansion (such as fighter parts, attire, moves)