Final Slam 2 News + Teaser

2013-09-18 03:25:12 by josh-tamugaia

Final Slam 2 development is underway. Behold the teaser:

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Yes, I am accepting custom configs for the preset fighters in the game. However, I am not mass-promoting this. Unlike the first Final Slam. To get more info on the game and on the custom configs and to try the preview version, please go to the official Final Slam 2 page. To get updates on the game, please like the Final Slam 2 facebook page. You can email me your custom configs [ josh_tamugaia at yahoo dot com ] or PM me on Newgrounds or comment here. Email would be the fastest.

The direction of the game is currently to be decided. Release date is also to be decided.

If you would like to help out with the game, you are most welcome as well! Just PM me here or email me [ josh_tamugaia at yahoo dot com ].

Final Slam 2 News + Teaser


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2013-09-18 14:06:00

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josh-tamugaia responds:

Haha. Cool!


2013-09-21 12:09:59

Oh my god, this is just purely awesome.

The first was incredible, but I think this one's gonna make me wet my pants. Oh Thanks Josh for this jewel. *thumbs up*

josh-tamugaia responds:

Ha! Nice to see you again, and back to play this 2nd version. Thanks. I'm doing my best... Happy you like it.


2013-10-03 16:17:41

when is it coming out

josh-tamugaia responds:

Planned date = mid/end November
Estimated date = end November / early December
Target = anytime before 2014...


2013-11-18 13:49:26

Hey Josh, I've just made a character for your awesome pants-wetting device:


I hope you'll enjoy it ;)

josh-tamugaia responds:

I tried your character. Hey pretty fun big brawler guy with a mask!