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I want to see this on TV some day. Maybe on Adultswim or Cartoon Network or Nick or Astro.

Fluid animation. The priest is... Romney??

Nice movie

Nice graphics! I see you included the 2 kids you used in 'Gone Too Far'. I thought the kid in the dracula costume was dead!
Anyway, it's a good comedy to watch but it doesn't have much Halloween content.


Such high scores for a simple animation... Well, the animation is awesomer than the Miz but not as awesome as you. Way to go my sister. u-J<v<v no J-f<-


This is awesome. Enough said. Keep up the good work.


I like your artwork a lot. I mean the artwork in this flash.

I dislike your presentation style. Using text to flash through is kinda laggy. Drags the story. At least if you need them, reduce the textual presentation a bit. The sound was also obtained from the real series, but hey that can't be helped. There's an error too. Shinigami do not destroy hollows. They cut their heads and the hollows get cleansed of the evil. Their cleansed souls go to soul society. The Quincies destroy hollows instead. You need to read up on Bleach...

[My rating: 2 stars]

PS: You've got talent. Keep it up!

Pretty good

It was cool, your drawing skills are really good. I like how you did the animation.

However. The sound was obtained from the series. The whole scene idea was taken from the series. In terms of originality you lose some points... I might as well go watch the real series.

With your cool skills, come up with a shinigami story of your own, make a bleach doujin(parody/alternate story by fan) instead and then submit it to newgrounds. Story would be original. And THAT would be really cool.

[My rating: 4 stars]


Here I point out what I think are the bads and goods of your movie...

[BAD: ]
1. Maybe the simplicity of the graphics. Guys have pointed this out. But if that's because you didn't have enough time to do nice backgrounds, I totally understand. And even though they were simple, they were nice too!
2. The text in before the whole movie. Maybe you could have inserted some animation or still images around them... just my suggestion so that I can not only read the text but view some images of the 4 robots... etc
(just my ideas)
3. Some robot designs are a little too simple. But I like the Fire cyborg!

1. A hell lot of people seem to like it!
2. I bet you got an awesome score for this assignment.
3. Music was good and I think it suits the movie.
4. The animations (intro, text, credits, battle and all) was damn impressive.

[My rating: 6 stars]

Rock on!

RubberNinja responds:

Thanks, I do agree with you on ever single bad aspect of this flash. Definately things I will be taking into consideration when I get around to doing this again! I actually had a lot more complex characters originally planned, but animating FBF with line tool is overly time consuming.. even if it does have very clean results with lines. So details like that would set me back quite a bit. Next time I will most probably use paint brush to get things done more effeciently. So yeah, I will totally redo the designs for the characters before the next one. =)



Almost really everything. I liked the story, narration, music... wow. I normally rarely review but I just have to review this one. And it streams so I don't need to wait long!

[My rating: 9 stars]

It was OK...

[BAD: ]
The beginning part was not so good, cause it was mostly text, fading in and out. Should've put in more elements to make it more attractive.

[GOOD: ]
Graphics were nice. And it's a very good start. I was a Warcraft fan, since Warcraft 1, but now even though I am not a warcraft fan anymore, I still like it. That has nothing to do with your work actually, just to tell you it affected my judgment. I voted high.

My rating: 3 stars

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