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Hmmm I found the game hard to play. But I found the sprite animation well done!

MacePunky responds:

thanks for the feedback josh! did you found any specific mechanic harder than other ?

Flash 8 nostalgia, and great effort helping others with Flash. Thumbs up.

113420 responds:

Cheers, dude.

Interesting idea. Very original, IMO. But is the switch SFX from Starcraft?

A nice retro-style game overall. But... there are 2 serious flaws.

1. Depth sort. I can see the nuns that are behind the fighter. That needs to be solved.
2. Needs a pause button. Maybe there is but I didn't see it... but... is there?

gameObject responds:

thanks for the tips! You're right, there is no pause button and i will definitely put one in. Cheers!

Not bad! Though I have a suggestion... have an output button to export the creation as jpg. That would really shake things up!

Cyberdevil responds:

A good idea indeed! Will keep it in mind for future versions... it would be pretty cool allowing users to share their work too, through the API, just need to learn how to add them features. Thanks for commenting!

Cyber Devil! This is Flappy Bird that is relaxing instead of annoying. And the music... wow. Conclusion... I like it. Good job.

Cyberdevil responds:

That's what I aimed for. :) Thanks!

GAME FINISHED!! Wow. wasted a lot of time on this. Which is good. Great job, Buxle. I just couldn't stop playing...

Great music, same ole graphics, big-headed space man, cartoonish bugs... I've seen this before... wait... isn't this Gear of Defense?? Oh... it's Gear of Defense 2!!

Seems like it's more than 80% the same as the first version! A little modifications and it's sitting at 4.xx score this time and 4k views as of now. Cool!!! Nice strategy. Keep up the great work. This strategy can be used to come up with Gear of Defense 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, X, X2, X3 and etc.

Nice and easy to learn to play. Great job.

First impression... Armor Games... wow.
Graphics and music are all great.
Then I played the game. It's just jumping and space bar on a one-dimensional platform.
As for the combos, it's just jumping on the enemies in succession. Very little skill required to do that.

Still, it is a well-made game but I don't feel that there's much to it.

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